Hope For Horses is a non-profit equine welfare organization founded in 2001 to improve the lives of neglected, abused, or abandoned horses in Washington State.  Since our founding, our mission and the scope of services we provide has grown tremendously. 

Recognizing the need for better resources for local animal control and law enforcement officers, we developed the state’s first Equine Cruelty Investigations Training course, and today, nearly two-thirds of all the officers have completed this training. 

Hope For Horses is one of the oldest equine welfare organizations in the State of Washington.  In 2005 we were the organization responsible for managing a highly publicized horse bestiality case, resulting in making that act illegal beginning in 2006.  Also in 2006, we are proud to have been instrumental in gaining the state’s first felony conviction for animal cruelty.  In 2010, we were once again involved in a highly publicized bestiality case resulting in deportation of a foreign visitor and re-incarceration for an international drug trafficker.


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The mission of Hope For Horses (HFH) is to promote the betterment, safety, and well-being of neglected, abused, and abandoned horses; to provide training and resources for animal control and law enforcement officers; and to create increased awareness among legislators resulting in improved protection of all horses.

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